Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum?

by Susan on August 21, 2012

Chances of Getting Pregnant from Precum?


While a woman is having her period then the chances of becoming pregnant during this time is low. However, should the woman have irregular cycles or light spotting then it may increase the chances of conceiving. This is because the woman will not be able to judge when her period is due and may in fact have an egg ready for fertilization during a time when she thought she should be menstruating.

Menstruation means that an unfertilized egg has been released from the uterus. A woman’s fertility cycle begins with the egg traveling from the ovary and down the fallopian tubes where a lining of blood and mucus gathers within the uterus, waiting to hold the mature egg. The mature egg exits the fallopian tubes and rests within the mucus lining. If the egg is unfertilized, then the egg and mucus will exit the body and this part of the process is called menstruation.

chances of getting pregnant from precum

Generally a cycle lasts for 28 days. Sometimes women have a 24 day cycle, or they may have a cycle that is irregular and cannot be tracked in the conventional way. Should you have an irregular period or one that lasts longer than 28 days then it would help discussing this with you medical health professional to make sure you menstruation health is at an optimum.

The stage of the cycle that is most fertile for a woman would be about halfway from the last day of your period to the start of your next one. During this time, a woman is ready to conceive as the mucus changes to a thin material for the sperm to penetrate and enter the fallopian tubes. The matured egg will then settle within the uterus and will be cushioned by the mucus and blood. Becoming pregnant during menstruation will usually occur because the woman has miscalculated her cycle and this is especially common when a woman has an irregular periods. It is also possible if the woman is still menstruating, perhaps longer than she normally does, because the egg may have been released at the start of menstruation but the cycle of releasing another egg has begun to enter the fallopian tubes.

Another way that a woman can become pregnant during menstruation could fall under the woman’s overall wellbeing. Some women, when stressed, miss their period or have a period without an egg being released. These reasons will increase the chance of conceiving should intercourse occur without protection. Even with protection, the chance of becoming pregnant is entirely plausible. There are no guaranteed forms of protection but by tracking your cycle, using protection and checking with your medical health care professional regarding your cycle then these methods will help to avoid any unwanted pregnancies.

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Therefore, should a woman wish to avoid pregnancy then it would make sense not to rely solely on her cycle because every woman has a different cycle. Also, a woman’s biology is and can be, affected by life events which mean that one year a woman’s cycle can run like clockwork, but then the next year it will be very irregular or disappear entirely. By using contraceptive methods will increase the chances of not falling pregnant. Please bear in mind, not everything is 100 percent safe so speak with the sexual health professionals and discuss the best plan for you. This is enough to cause fertilization of the ova and consequently pregnancy. The best and most effective way is abstinence.


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